Is it possible to ever get a girl if?

The only two places your are at constantly is home and work


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  • Are you on any dating sites on the Internet?

    • Yeah but no luck

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    • Really don't know what kind of girl I'm looking for kinda new to this

    • Well what kinda person are you? You want some one who shears a lot in common (shear a lot ) or someo really diffrent (learn a lot )


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  • Yeah of course but just have to make time to talk to or see her. Don't let her feel like your not interested just because your busy.

    • But I'm not busy when I get home I. just don't have a car or license to go places to potentially meet a girl

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    • And If I'm really inexperienced and don't what I'm doing when it comes to the social scene

    • Its okay to be like that, all you have to do is say hi lol or compliment something just be yourself.

  • You can find a girl at work but its very hard and I'd recommend at least to go out ever so then :)


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  • How would you meet a girl at home? This is pretty obvious. NO go socialize, work isn't for that.

    • Man don't got many places to go plus I don't have a car or license

    • Your feet don't work brah? If thats you're excuse you'll be alone forever. Back in the day when no one had cars or cell phones if they'd had that attitude no one would of got together. Stop making cheap ass excuses and whining that you don't have a girlfriend and do something about it.