Considering I have a history of LACK OF COMMITMENT, how early should I tell a girl I am seeing that?

I am usualky scared of being honest with girls I am seeing and it ends up ending badly, so I am trying to improve on that. I've been seeing this girl for a week and a bit and it's cool. We get along well and I like her. HOWEVER, it's hard for me to commit and I tend to naturally be a flirt. I want to keep seeing her, but I also want her to know that I AM a flirt and that I DO find it hard to commit (albeit, when I DO commit, then I commit).

I just sent her a text basically admitting I have a history of lack of commitment... was that the right thing to do?


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  • its good to be honest but you might scare her away.. if you really like her you can calm the flirt down.. i mean i'm naturally a flirty person so i see your problem... you just need to calm the flirt down as much as you can so you don't end up hurting her if you really want something out of this.


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  • Yeah its good that you tell her sooner than later although in person would have been better so you can talk about it and explain yourself more. But being honest with a girl no matter what the situation is, is always the best to go.

  • I don't think you should have sent a text. It would have been better if you had just let her known in person. This way she would be able to gauge your emotions.

  • I really don't think so...
    if i were that girl i would think you're not interested and that you're just playing around... and you obviously care because you're asking here!
    so, next time, talk about those things personally!

    but you can still fix it... talk to her and set a date, show that you care.



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