Someone tell me what this means?

So there's this guy I used to work with. We don't know each other too too well & we've only made small talk a few times.. anyways he asked one of my coworkers to hook us up.. what exactly does that mean? Does he like me or does he just want sex or something or what?

If it means he's interested how can I encourage him to make a move because I'm too shy to say anything.

Thanks for any help!


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  • He has already made the move. He asked a coworker to hook you up. I think he is shy too. If you flirt a little with him, he may open up and ask you out himself instead of using a middle man. or woman.


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  • His "hook us up" can mean anything. He may be referring to sex or a relationship. Only he knows what he wants, and the fact he wants someone else to play cupid for him means he needs a helping hand. A helping hand because he's shy or a helping hand in needing someone making him look good to sex you up... or something much meaningful

    • This is undetermine. One thing for sure is he is shy and feels he need someone to help him out to get with you.

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