How does someone like me get a date?

I am a 19 yr old virgin that never went on a real date before. I just can't seem to get guys to ask me out and actually go through with the date. I got asked out before and then I never hear from the guy again, which pissed me off. I dont like to do the asking because I feel like I would scare them off. I didn't get noticed til college hit and I was told i was pretty by even girls i barely knew n i still get noticed as eye candy and not as someone that will ask me out. It gets really frustrating! i get told im pretty, yet I don't see anything coming out of being pretty. And I'm not like other girls. I'm more down to earth and would pick my very fair Irish skin over tanning any day. Either guys in my college r super shallow assholes, or I'm doing something wrong. Help?


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  • Life is full of rejection, so get used to it. You see a guy you like, just go ask him out. If your interested in him, tell him so. If you want to date him ask him out on a date. If you want him as bf ask him if he wants you for his gf... life is short too waste pining away. If your too shy, slip him a note and spell out the date with some different choices. If you get rejected, move on to the next guy. If he treats you bad dump him like a bag of moldy potatoes. If school dating is not working out join an online dating service. Just be careful, as noted, guys can be assholes. Good luck!


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  • Are you meeting enough men? If you are not, then you need to get out more and meet people. If so, then are you encouraging them or dropping hints? This weekend a girl that fancied me dropped several hints - she is hosting a poker game and do I play, she wants advice on who my accountant is, and I think she even mentioned a movie she wants to see. I got the message. Are you giving the men you would like to ask you out a date idea? We are not terribly clever so throw us a bone.

  • Oooh, fair Irish skin? That's very desirable.

    Are you someone people would want to date? If you're already pretty, are you also fun, cheerful, approachable? Do you go out and enjoy yourself at the activities you enjoy, or do you race back home after class?

    If you're desperate, mopey or just sitting there looking miserable and expecting guys to do all the legwork, you might not get very far.

  • are you shy? if youare get rid of your shyness and you'll see


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