We finally kissed on our third date, how should I act when I next see him?

So we finally kissed on our third date we've become quite close over the last few months. He wants to meet me again this Friday to just chill or maybe go down to the pub to get a drink how should I act when I first see him do I like kiss him first or go in for the hug? He kind of asked me to be his girlfriend I say kinda because he didn't say it in those exact words we were talking about us and he was like do you want to take things slow or should we just pursue this relationship and as a response I said let's take things slow see how things work out. What do you guys think of this? Is that his way of asking me to be his girlfriend? How do you think I should act when I first see him? I've actually never had a boyfriend so this is all new for me I used to just have flings


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  • Ask him is he would like you as his steady girl if that is what you want. No harm in asking. Good to be clear. A group poll won't do it, only he can say.

  • Act the same way you always have. Changing anything will only confuse him.


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