Am I needy if it annoys me when this girl I am dating sometimes ignores my texts?

Am I needy if it annoys me when this girl I am dating sometimes ignores my texts

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  • No, but it might mean that she doesn't want to keep in contact as much as you do. For example my best friend wants to text with her boyfriend all day long while me and my boyfriend think it's enough to call each other every other day because we both have a lot going on in our lives and personally I like having time to miss the person I'm with. It's all about finding a balance that suits you both. How often do you text her? If it's all day long you could try keeping it down a bit, and also wait for her to text you first every now and then :)


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  • Feeling annoyed doesn't make you needy; how you handle it could though. If you're freaking out on her for not responding, that could make you appear very needy. If her not responding bothers you, casually ask her about it - you might find that she's just not much of a texter, she forgot to respond, got busy, etc. Personally, I hate texting, so I usually only respond with one word responses - and that's only when the text requires a response!


What Guys Said 2

  • No. Your not needy. But I just text her when I feel like it. When or if she text back. Go for a jog, watch some sports, go walk your neighbors pets, cut the grass. Come back, shower then answer the text. Your life is not revolving around her reply. As I mention, there's other things you can be doing while you wait. If not then you are needy.

    • I just find it rude and I see it as a sign that she is not interested because if she was interested, she wouldn't see responding as taking too much effort

    • I know your lord king sir but this is 2014, ladies don't see a ring on there hands then they don't feel need to respond to your messages. Your again again sir. She is being rude and obviously she's not interested. Might I suggest that you ask her what took so long?

  • It is not completely being "needy", but we also tend to worry for the well-being of others. Remember those times when you called your parents and/or guardians and they never answered until a long time afterwards we imagined the worst, well it seems to be similar.