Does the girl I like, like me or not?

I been friends with this girl i liked since last year and i really began to like her. I show signs that i like her and she show signs that she likes me. when i talk to her she will look really interest and she will listen and we will have long conversation, but there are a lot of times that i would tell her hey or something and she would ignore me and not respond and walk away. i didn't do anything to piss her off and that happens a lot when she ignores me. Does she not like me or wat. any help i really appreciate it. so u can know I'm in the 12th grade if it ill help you.


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  • Auum did you ask why she ignores you sometimes?

  • Like the first guy said. Only thing you can do is ask. And you probably should somehow convey ur feelings toward her. 12th grade is pretty short dude, make it count