How do I get him to open up and let his wall down some?

I've been talking to this one guy for almost 3 months now. He seems cool. I like him alot. But I kind of feel like he has a wall up. It feels like he's kind of shy around me. I'm silly and I'm a relaxed person, very peaceful like a flowerchild. I feel like he's deeper than what I've seen so far. I feel like I've just scratched the surface. How do I make him feel comfortable to be more open and deeper? He did say once that he's been judged and hurt in the past. How can I bond with him and show him that it's ok to let his guard down some and that I won't judge him or hurt him?


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  • well i think you just need to be with him more and try to be there in different situations. for example when he's sad a lot of guys don't want to show an weak side but when someone gets inside of his ''shell'' he can open up. so i'd recommend just trying to be with him more and make him trust you :)


What Girls Said 1

  • Tell him to relax and maybe tell him something about yourself nobody else knows make him feel like he can trust u