Could a girl be scared to show she likes you on the first date?

So yesterday I had a first date with a girl and we watched a scary movie at my place, it was her first time in 1.5 years and mine in 2 (since I had a GF). We both enjoyed it and we held hands in the beginning, I slowly layed my hand on her stomach and she put her hand on top of my hand. During the whole movie we didn't make out, afterwards we did. We watched tv for a little bit and then I brought her home to her house. She met my parents and sisters and I met hers when I picked her up. I told her I had a great evening wich she replied: "me2". I asked her if the date was fun enough to do it again. She replied: "Sure, I'll go on another date with you". Wich didn't really came on to my as if she really wanted to.

I'm having this issues with this girl a lot lately, even before our first date she was being on and off sometimes. Could it be that she is just in it for the fun and doesn't really like me or could it be that she is just to scared to show her feelings to me? Could it be that she is just seeing how far I'm willing to go for her?

What do you think, please let me know


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  • If she holds your hand and kisses you I'm sure she really likes you. But I think every girl is always nervous on the first date especially if she likes the guy a lot. She might be afraid to do something wrong and you will think its weird. But I don't think you should worry about it too much. <3 :)

    • Thanks I was really questioning but I think you are right, I was nervous too and I guess she wast too :) We don't know eachother that well yet, that could also be a thing.


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  • I am sure she likes you. I don't think she would have done all of that just for the fun of it because if she was, a lot more would have happened. Try to win her over, bring her out of her shell.


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  • "Wich didn't really came on to my as if she really wanted to. "

    That's your insecurity talking right there. She said yes, stop fretting over the perceived quality of the yes, and spend more time thinking about how to make the second date more enjoyable, perhaps.

    • Thanks, I guess you are right.. Since my ex broke up with me I have been insecure alot.. It was because I thought everything was fine and all of a sudden I was dumped out of the blue really.. Never saw it coming. But that is already a while ago and it is something that I have to overcome :)