Why does she show so many signs she likes me, but she has a bf?

This girl shows so much that she likes me, people have even said it also, yet she has a bf? I'm really into this girl but she has a bf and for me as much as I would like her to be mine, I know there is nothing I can do, and I shouldn't do anything.


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  • Forget the signs -stay away from her she isn't single


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  • If she's flirting with you even if she have a bf don't you think that's a bit... anyways, ignore it even if she likes you. A girl with a boyfriend is off limits. If you like her so much you can always wait for them to breakup. But I think it's better if you move on and stop wasting your time.

    • Yeah, the problem is she works in the same department as me, so I have to see her everyday.

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  • go for her, drop by and confront her with her behaviour, nothing is sacred i found that out myself. If a girl is flirting with other men, then the guy isn't a very good person or lover, but remember she could pull of the same shit with you

    • Yeah I know, she said how lovely his though and that she 'sorry' but she don't like me, this was in front of other people, she knows exactly whats she's been doing, she knows I have feelings for her and as much as I hate to admit I think she's been attention seeking a bit maybe. I don't know really

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    • I see your point but I'm not prepared to do anything with her while she has a bf, that's her call, I suppose if she really likes me she will give up her bf..

    • well my situation is a bit different from yours, but in the end dont be so respectfull towards other men because other men dont give a f. ck about your feelings towards a girl... dont be so nice,

  • Some girls are very strange just move on