Should I end it between us?

My boyfriend and I, we met at church. That was pretty much the only time i got to see him. Well, recently my mom and the preachers wife got into a HUGE argument, and we left that church. It's been 3 weeks now that I haven't seen him. I talk to him on Facebook though. But the thing is all we do is get into arguments all the time now. The distance is not helping at all either... The other day, we got into another argument but this one is different. When we get into arguments he still says hey to me on Facebook but he hasn't, And his profile picture was a picture of me and him... but he changed it and still hasn't spoken to me... I'm beginning to be just over all of this... What should i do..

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  • well it seems like the cons outweight the pros. and distance is a bitch. if there is lack of presence, it makes it that much harder. but it all comes down to how you feel about him and what you really want. you two only saw each other at church though? for the most part? not really much of a relationship to begin with. I would end it and find something else to do. that's just me.


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  • Move on, if he cared for you there would be no guessing.


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