Should I break up with him or talk to him about it?

I love my boyfriend but i feel like I don't get everything I need. We are doing long distance for a year and maybe more and he only texts me he won't call me or Skype me or anything. It's so frustrating because I have so much work in college I can't visit him a lot but he doesn't have his license and a car so he can't visit me (it's a couple hours away). Anyways when I visit he buys me stuff and massages me and whatnot but it's so boring for the most part we can talk and joke but we don't talk about anything meaningful I feel like it's conversations I have with like my cousins or something. I don't know if its all the weed he smokes or what but this is getting old real fast a couple years ago it was fine but I think I changed too much and grew up. And he is obsessed with my appearance like my face my boobs and my ass... We haven't really talked about this before we talked about his anger problems and stuff but this is just a realization I just had.


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  • i would deff end things with him or at least tell him how you feel. it sucks growing apart from people but it seems like that's whats happening

  • If you're not satisfied in a relationship you should talk it over with your boyfriend