What are girls opinions on being asked out?

i really like this girl who hasn't dated but i want to get opinions on how you would feel in that place


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  • I think that it would be exciting especially if I liked you back. Girls love being complimented and being asked out is like a giant compliment.


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  • I haven't dated but if a guy whom im attracted to asked me out i would be very exited, scared and happy. Ask her out but be nice and not too pushy. No pressure but that would be her first date ever so she will remember it for the rest of her life :) (also dont over compliment her, its uncomfortable)

  • Being asked out is something that never happened to me. But, if I was also interested on the guy that was asking me out, I would say yes to him.
    And I would be flattered.

  • One time a guy asked me out, but i knew he had a gf, so he only asked me to see how i would react, because he didn't care about me anyway.

    If a guy i was interested in, and he was interested in me (and single ofc), then i would probably like it

    • what if about 6 months ago i went with her friend. not a close friend but somebody she knows

    • I dont know, maybe if i really like you and she's oke with it.

  • most of he guys that have asked me out were usually dared to do it. but the ones that were serious did say "will you go out with me?" they did the traditional way- "will you be my girlfriend"
    personally i tend to think that way is the cutest


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