Do people tend to get better at talking to girls as they grow up? or is it just luck?

as a kid, i was bullied cuz all my classmate were racist (chinese), so i dont talk to girls at all. When i start college, i had a crush on a girl near my house, got her number and talked to her but i didn't get anything from it, i was creepy and weird cuz i dont know how to talk to girls , then a few months later, i meet a girl online, we really talked alot, almost every day for about 2-3 hours, but in the end , i was only a brother to her , and another few months passed, i meet another girl, this time , she fell in love with me, you know like the desperate type, saying 'i love you' every minute, and i loved her too , too bad it was an LDR so we didn't stay for too long.. then one day i looked back and said to myself, "hhhmm seems like i have improved" so i thought that my social skills improve with age, is it true? i want to hear from all y'all gaggers out there.


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  • No, they don't improve as you age, they improve when you USE them. Since you kept comunicating, that also let your social skills improve and get better.
    Allthough, you could argue that maturity causes your social skills to improve, but i'd personally say it just prevents you from making stupid horndog moves. Still, it is a start, and for some it is a major improvement XD

    But yeah, they improve with use.


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  • as with everything else we get better

  • you get better at everything with practice, no exceptions.