How long should you be in a relationship before you start spending most of your time together?

How long do you think two people should be together before they start to spend the majority of their time together? What would you consider the norm? What are your experiences surrounding this? How many relationships get to this point? Or are these types of relationships rare?


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  • Be around each other as much as y'all wish. don't set boundaries thats fake. If u wanna see somebody everyday, so what. by not changing yourself, thats how you meet the perfect one for you

    • I just fear that I'll smoother him if I try to spend time with him every day.

    • and if you do babe then he doesn't love u the same. express your concerns either he will roll with it or he won't. Shit with that face of yours i would be with u all day lol

What Girls Said 1

  • It's different for every couple. My boyfriend and I moved really fast in our relationship, but I believe that if it's meant to be then you guys will just "know" and it will feel right. We started dating in June and by the time college came around in September, we were living together. It didn't happen on purpose, he was just always over at my apartment that we figured it would just make sense to live together. I think we spent a month of just being at each other's places all the time until we figured it just made sense to pay rent for one apartment.