Why'd did she suddenly turn cold?

Literally made her laugh on the last real connection/good bye we had. We shared what we were doing for our fall breaks coincidentally she went to Oregon and I went to N. Cal.

Not only that we have a lot in common, we have a similar style, and would generally look really good with one another...

So a test came up. We got busy-she seemed to get colder. So of course I react by ignoring too. Fall break occurs... We come back and now we don't even talk anymore.. Its been a week since break.

What's the deal? We use to vibe so well. Is she wanting me to push the bar? I don't want to creep her out or make her feel uncomfortable. Her body language was there for a while but now that we are so distant at the time being there are no chances to observe. Should I just start talking to her again like nothing happened?



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  • I feel as if the longer you wait the more distant you guys will become.
    I'm not a relationship expert that's for sure, but I do prefer it when guys talk to me and we can get a 50/50 approach going eventually.
    Maybe she's having some really busy times or whatever in her life right now and just doesn't feel like keeping up with anything social. Whatever the case may be I say you try and just greet her. If she gives you the cold shoulder of not opening up and returning the conversation then this really might have died off.


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  • Sometimes it's good to miss each other once in awhile. Don't wait too long tho. Just ask her what's up and be like "hey I haven't talked to u in awhile, how was ur break? Anything exciting happen?" and then convo will hopefully start flowing again. And depending on how close u are, u can even say "I kinda missed u" or "did u miss me?" I'd say that, :p u could even say "sorry I've been so busy (don't tell her u were ignoring her) - I think we should get a coffee or get together some time, how that sound?".

  • You said it yourself, "A test came up. We got busy." She couldn't talk to you for understandable reasons, and you reacted by ignoring her.

    Girls lose interest when they feel unappreciated or unloved.

    I say, talk to her like nothing happened, but this time show that you care. Good luck!


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  • Dude you blew it. You shouldn't have ignored her when she was getting cold at firsr.