Should I just tell her over facebook?

So I hung out with this girl I like who has a boyfriend. I don't think things are working out between them and she might like me.

Anyway. Everything went well. I didn't make a move as I wasn't sure but now I just want to say something but I'm super busy the next couple of weeks and won't get time to see her. should I just message her and tell her how I feel (even though I'm sure she already knows)?


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  • The quickest way to ruin your relationship with her is to tell her that you think that her and her boyfriend aren't working out just because you like her. She will probably hate you if you tell her that. If it's too painful to be her friend, then don't be her friend anymore.


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  • Not on FB or TXT.
    Do it in private, face to face.
    You will see her response and you will not be embarrassed on FB if it doesn't go well.


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  • Unless you are not sure if she likes you or just sees you as a friend I would not do it, if she likes you as a friend then you will look very weird in her eyes and it could possibly make things very awkward when you meet again.