Friend Zone or still interested?

I went on a couple dates with this girl and she told me she didn't see it going anywhere so we stopped dating. We work together and she is still really touchy with me, tries to hold my hand, plays footsie with me, she came over to my house and gave me a massage. She also calls or texts me daily and told me she "wants me in her life". All this being said I don't know if this is friend zone or if I still have a chance


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  • Sounds like she has Suddenly had a change of heart and is Now zapping you with a helpful hint Of----A chance for romance.
    Go slow with her flow, aanswer222... Perhaps being you both were with another few horses of another color, she never really got to know you as well up close and more personal and this is why she gave you a "neigh."
    However, being on the job with you, it may have out of the blue just Clicked with her that you Really Are This horse of another color and now she is Clicking her heels up to you... she is finding some chemistry now that she didn't see before.
    It has happened to me, believe me. I only like someone as a close friend, casual perhaps even, then all of a sudden when I least expect it, I Feel like a kid in a candy store. This is most likely her case here.
    Take it slow, don't be too quick yet to wear your heart on your sleeve. Things can always go in another direction so make sure you both are on the same page with the same vibes when you Might take this up Again After the day is done.
    Good luck. xx


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  • Ask her what she feels and what she wants - she's giving you really mixed signals, and it'll be better to clarify things as soon as you can to avoid getting your hopes up.

  • Bruh, she's just playing around and having fun. No chick would do all that with a 'friend' unless she's just a player who's in for the fun but not the commitment. My guess? She wants the passion but doesn't want to be tied down in a relationship.


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  • Well sit down and have a talk with her. Ask her what she meant by "not seeing this going anywhere". Also explain your feelings towards her and see if both of you can come to an understanding. Because her being like that and stringing you along will only result in heartache for you

    • I was about to say the exact same thing this guy just said. I think u should ask her why she thot it wasn't going anywhere and if there's still a chance? at least this way you'll know if she's leading u on the wrong way or still has feelings for u.

  • Critical time right now.

    If you don't want to be in the FZ, you need to tell her that you like her, and you want to continue dating. And that the physical contact and the way she is talking can't co to he if she doesn't want the same. Otherwise, you'll always be stuck liking her but not being able to meet new girls.