If your boyfriend of 6 months sent you nude pics?

How would it make you feel?



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  • I'm not in to nudes, especially random ones. Guys think girls will get so turned on, but in reality girls hate dick pics. Only send them if you've talked about it and know that it's something she wants. Otherwise it's just awkward. I am also against sending nudes (even if I trust the guy, I don't trust technology) so getting a nude would make me uncomfortable because I wouldn't send one back, and is he only sending it cause he wants one of me back? So really it's just awkward and not something you should randomly do.


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  • I wouldn't be mad about it, and I lie and say it's hot

    But I wouldn't actually think it's hot :/

  • I would feel a little pissed. Like really, we have only dated 6 months and you are already sending nude pics. Like it's pretty clear all he wants to do is fuck. And that would be really painful to the girl, especially if she really likes him!!! <3

    • Interesting point of view, also could mean he trusts her with them too

    • Yeah but why would he send them in the first place?

    • Because he thought she might like having them. Lots of guys like having naked pics of their girls

  • Of only 6 months? Odd. Way too fast for that.

    Heck, I've been with my boyfriend for 3 years and while I guess it's not too early for nudes... I'm not into them. I find them trashy.


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