I can't get around to ask him out in person so I wanna ask him over the phone, shall I?

he's my co worker. I want to call him today. Shall I?


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  • Personally, I think that asking/breaking up with someone via phone, text or video is immature, impersonal and reeks of lack of style, ability, determination and immaturity. If you really wanted to date him then you would make or find a way to ask him personally. Do you even know if he is married or dating anyone before you go and ask him you might want to find out.

    But hey, to each their own. I was raised in a different time and electronic age.

    Best of luck, let us know what happens.

    • He turned me down (he didn't say why). Maybe he is seeing s/o but didn't want to tell me.

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    • I called him and he said "maybe some other time"

    • Thanks for the MHO.

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