What should I do if I really want a relationship with this girl?

I met someone a few weeks ago. She's separated and she cheated on her ex husband of ten years. Our chemistry is off the charts. We just fit each other in every way. She hadn't dated anyone since they separated and I'm the first guy she's even gone on a date with. Our first date went really well. We watched a movie and talked and made out for what felt like hours before I left. She couldn't wait to see me again. I texted her the next day and everything seemed great. We talked about getting together over the weekend. I texted her a few days later and she's suddenly very upset and says that she's no good for me and will only end up hurting me. That she's broken and I deserve better and that before things get any deeper she needs to walk away. Normally, this wouldn't bother me but I just feel this intense connection to her. I don't want her to fade away. What should I say to her? Should I try talking to her in a week or two? Should I just walk away?


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  • Say to her..."Listen, I'm a big boy, I don't want anything serious but have fun with you..."

    • This was accomplished. She seemed interested but hesitant because she's worried things would get messy. I assured her I wasn't looking for forever just some fun. She admits she had a really good time with me and that she needs to think about it. 3 days later I message her and start to flirt. She laughs and calls me shameless and persistent. I think I could have gone over there if she wasn't leaving town to visit her family (she'd told me that like last week so I know it wasn't just an excuse) My plan now is to lay back and wait and see if she messages me when she gets back into town. Good plan?

    • Yeah, I think that's a good tactic.


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  • You already know the answer or you wouldn't need to ask the question , you should walk away, if you question whether someone is right for you or if you can trust them, you already know you cant, she will destroy you emotionally, respect and value yourself enough to have the strength to walk. in the other direction, she's cheated before so that would be her potential if you were with her, the best predictor of future behaviour is past behaviour, she will not be a good gf to you, wait for soneone who wants and knows they will treat you in a way that you deserve, if you stay with her, in the long term you would want to turn back the clock so you could walk away instead of trying, if yoy stay and get hurt then it wasn't a mistake, it was your choice, coz you already know what life you will have with her, you would be entering into a relationship, knowing the outcome really

  • It's not a good idea. She cheated before. I wouldn't be able to trust someone who did that, personally.


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