Does this sound like a good third date option?

Taking a girl to an adult night at a museum. They have drinks, music, and all that. It is somewhat close to where we live. But she has to travel from work and it is either a 15-20 minute walk or a cab ride. Not sure if it is a great idea, but it is certainly fun. I think she said she's been to one before.

Thoughts? We've gone to bars the last 2 dates and I wanted to switch it up.


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  • Yeah, that sounds great.

    • Should I worry about the distance?

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    • Should I just ask, "Will the distance be okay coming from work?"

    • Yeah, that works.

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  • I say this is a great play on ur part, bro! 8-)

    • The distance might be a bit of an issue for her - should I still suggest it?

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    • Thanks again!

    • No problem!