Depression stopping me from succeeding with girls :/?

Problem: I don't think i'm good enough for anything, I don't even think I deserve to be happy so when I talk to girls, i'm nervous and pessimistic and I over analyze the littlest things, and then when they reject me, I take it personally as another example of how i'm not good enough and probably never will be. what should I do about this? give up? fake happiness? get on pills?


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  • Hi! Firstly, don't take it personally. I know it's hard but don't. From what it sounds like the depression is making you less confident and quite often, girls like confident. Though, saying that there are some girls, in fact many who will accept you regardless of if you're confident or not. Have you tried talking over the internet to girls rather than just face to face? It's a lot easier. I suggest maybe looking on the internet on how to act confident, even when you're not or perhaps getting to know someone over the internet, that you can confide in and admit that you have depression and you're not doing so great with girls. Don't give up honey, there's someone out there for everyone and I think you're just having trouble finding that one. If you ever feel upset, don't hesitate to message me :)

  • I say before you can fully give yourself to someone make sure you are okay first and foremost. Talk to someone about your depression see if they can help.


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