Is she interested or just flirting?

Okay I went out with this girl I work with and she tells me she likes me but she isn't ready for anything right now. Thing is she calls me daily and is super touchy when I'm around her, wants to hold my hand, kinda lets her hand linger on my neck, she even gave me a massage. I've seen her talk to other guys and she's kind of a flirt but not really like this. Im wondering if I still have a chance with her.


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  • you might, might not. depends on when she is "ready" for something substantial. kind of sounds like she is sending some mixed messages though. i'd be wary.

  • Dont think abiut it too much go with the flow and let her decide what she first wants keeep your heart away from any potential heartache that may come from misunderstanding and mis ommunication ; that is very common in dating as one or both of the parties tend to sometimes be unclear even to thmselves as to what they feel andwhatt hey actually want; time is the best answer tot hat and while you wait for time to help you clarify where this is going you may as well relax have fun and look at her as someone you enjoy spending time with nothing more nothing less at this stage in this case whatever the outcome is you would have not ended up in wasting time


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