Guys: What is the first thing you notice when looking at a girl?

How do you want a girl to act when you take her on a first date?

Also, what turns you on and off from a girl?

Thanks so much ?


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  • The first thing I look at is the face. Body is secondary. Doesn't matter how good you're body is if I can't look you in the eye. As far as a first date, just act interested if your interested. If you like the guy, don't give one word answers and don't be afraid to ask him questions. Short, easy replies are a good way to come across as a disinterested bitch. Turn ons are a good attitude. Showing that you are enjoying yourself. Look and act interested if you are. Turn offs are one word answers, talking about ex's, and just general bitchiness.


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  • On a first date, I like it when the girl shows that she is having a good time, and will talk about things and basically just be comfortable with me. Just have a really good attitude and be happy. Have you even heard of the saying, "Attitudes are contagious"? I find this to be especially truthful on the first date. Sometimes if the girl is really nervous, she makes me nervous. Even if you are, don't show it. Just have fun and enjoy your time together. Be respectful, thank the guy if he buys you dinner or takes you somewhere. Smile a lot. Compliment him. Be flirty, it lets the guy know you are into him.

    • I will only have fun if he actually says more than one word answers, and if we go someplace fun. lol

    • Haha yeah I agree.

      no one wants to go on a boring date lol.

  • First dates are very important to me, so I'm understandably specific as to what I expect.. This is "make or break" time for the woman involved. I make it clear at the outset, that she is not to speak unless I ask her a direct question, and she is only to address me as either "Sir", or "Daddy Bubbles". If I should choose to take her to dinner, I expect her to eat her half of the dinner rolls, and every scrap of food on her plate. After all, I'm paying for it. If she displays any odd mannerisms, or exhibits any signs of agitation, I'll take this as a sign of mental instability, and end the date at once. As you can see, a first date is a thing of very great importance.

  • What do I first notice -- her butt or face or breasts I suppose, depending on the angle. Whatever body part is in play, I notice. It could be a wrist or a lock of hair or her boots at the door.

    How I want a girl to act -- I want a girl who is calm, in possession of herself, and does not pander to me.

    What turns me on - raw animal magnetism and sensuality. This could be purely personality, but there's got to be life in the girl, an awareness, aliveness, even if it's still and placid.

    What turns me off - stupidity and horsesh*te and head games and simple incompatibility

  • How to act? Well, most of the acting on a date is talking. As far as acting goes, be on good behavior, and don't be a bitch.

    As far as talking goes, let's hear about you. Not your friends. Not who you like. Not who you hate. Especially not other guys. You. We want to learn about you and your interests, not anyone else.

    Don't complain. That constitutes you being a bitch, especially on the first date. Not to mention, it's annoying and uninteresting.

    Don't be ungrateful unless it is deserved. If he sticks you with a restaurant bill, you can be ungrateful. Appreciate that he's interested in you.

    Don't answer your phone. If you forget to turn it off, take it out and turn it off. Answering it (or reading a text, whatever) means that you are not interested. Pay attention to your date.

    Don't spend a lot of money on the date. Even if you plan to pay for your $30 lobster yourself, it still makes you seem like you're too spend-happy for your own good (unless you happen to be at a particularly fancy place, in which case this might be fairly normal).

    I can't speak for all guys, though, so don't take my advice as absolute. Also, any additions/comments/disagreements are welcome.

  • First things I notice: I'll look at the face. Eyes, then hair, then eyes, then lips, then eyes. Then chest. Then eyes. Then full body. Then face again. (all in less than a second). I'll be looking for symmetry, colour contrast of hair and eyes, clothes and makeup, body shape/type.

    How do I want her to act? Like herself so I can judge her straight away. Preferably in a feminine way and giving me opportunities for me to flirt with her and build up sexual rapport.

    Turn ons: Colour contrast between hair and eyes (so redheads are a major yes, then blondes/brunettes with blue or green eyes). Wears clothes that make her sexy. Feminine personality. Sharp facial features. Slim and stacked. Intelligence.

    Turn offs: Poor personal hygiene, especially regarding oral and how she manages her body hair, and nails. Excessive masculine features/aggressions. Excessive shyness (I need some interaction to escalate flirting and rapport building)

  • All I look at first are pretty eyes and then a pretty smile. I love just staring at her eyes so that is more important than anything.

  • Her facial features and then her figure. After that I try my best to figure out her personality.

  • face, eyes, smile...body second.

  • i'll notice her beauty her softy voice...her magic touch...her smoothy skin

    every think just by one focus look

  • Eye,face,feet and I want her act natural romantic and fat girl turn off for me and have no other turn off and smart ,violent eye turn on for me.

  • Face, eyes, smile

    I want a girl to take the time to appreciate me for who I am.

    What turns me off? it depends on the situation. I'm turned off by girls who dress as if they're whores or bitches.


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