What's the perfect first kiss for a girl?

do girls want a sensual soft first kiss or passionate french kiss...and what should the guy do with his hands-caress(where) to make her get into it big time?


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  • for every girl it is diffrent but for me personally I like thsoft sweet passionate ones french kisses aren't my favorite but there still very nice. I prefer if there hands are on waist or around my back holding it that makes me feel safe and loved

    Good luck finding the answer you are looking for :) :P :D XD


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  • Well for me, I'd expect a soft but intense first kiss. I would love the guy to put his hands on either my waist, his palm against my cheek, or if were sitting down, I'd like him to run my hand along my thigh and gently tug on it so I know to gracefully slide onto his lap. :]

  • I think I'd like a bit in between those two... soft and slow but use some tongue as well (not straight away though). I love a guy to gently caress my back/neck and rub my leg. Another great thing to do during or before a kiss would be to smell my hair, neck and shoulders and lightly breathe on them. That drives me insane. Haha so yeh! That's pretty much a perfect kiss for me.

  • no tongue. soft, sensual, innocent, warm kiss. caress her face, arms or back. nothing sexual. because then she will think you only want one thing. an innocent sensual kiss shows something special.

  • I'd like a soft passionate first kiss with his hands on my lower back or waist.


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