2.5 month into the relationship & I have a things at his house... Good sign or bad?

Haven't even been dating 3 months but I have been spending the night at least 1-2 times a week. Tonight he is watching my dog for me because he loves her and so does his dog... (Plus I am going on a weekend trip) anyways... He referred to my pillow being hers and her sleeping on my side of the bed... Maybe I am thinking too much into this but is that not a great sign? That I have a side of his bed? :) he also keeps a tooth brush for me and doesn't mind when I leave things behind.

I am pretty excited about this but I need to know, should I not leave things there intentionally? I. e. Clothes or jewelry? I have before... I really want this to work but don't want to move too fast.


I never left things "intentionally"... Perhaps not really caring to grab it and left it but not like "oh I am going to leave this so blah blah blah."...


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  • I wouldn't over think it honestly.
    He obvious likes you and adores your dog - some girls would love to have a man that welcomed them into their home as he has you. Don't start leaving things intentionally bc that can move things faster than he wants. He still feels in control


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  • The old marking your territory, leaving things behind so when he sees it, it will automatically make him think of you and always have an excuse to go see him and call him anytime you want trick. But yeah it seems like its going well.


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  • I think its cute, sounds like it could be serious, but maybe you guys should talk about what you both want out of the relationship so neither of you are stepping on any toes. The best way to find out if something is ok is to ask and the keys to a good relationship is talking.