Does she like me? Help me!

We have been on 2 dates. They were both awesome. Second date was on the fly cause the dude I was doubling with backed out last second. We just ended up going to Cafe Rio and talking for like 4 hours. We talked about anything and everything and laughed and told jokes and just got down into the really deep stuff. Clicked muh better than the first date did. She is very inteoverted, and i don't have much experience with dating someone who is inteoverted. Since then, we haven't had much contact. Hung out with some friends a couple nights after, but she closes up more in big groups. She wasn't like ignoring me or anything though either. We still laughed and teased and stuff. Since then, though, She hasn't liked any of my links on instagram, returned any snaps, I haven't texted her much cause i. don't want to seem desperate and I know she isn't a big fan of electronics. I dunna though. I keep wondering if I should go for this or not. First time I have been with a girl of this caliber. Help meeeee.


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  • Maybe she's wondering the same about you, the dates seem to have went well... Take the plunge, ask her out again x

  • If she went on a second a date with you then she at least see's potential in you! Ask her out again and again and you'll have your answer.


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