How to ask out someone I do not really know?

How do I ask out this girl that I met once and sat next to for a couple of weeks in class with? Should I ask her out? I think she is an amazing girl and really beautiful, but I do not know how to ask without her thinking that I am creepy or something?


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  • well if she is you class begin in the friend zone ask her questions about class then ask her to go on a study date and the actually go out.


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  • Don't ask her out without getting to know her first. She wouldn't agree to a date with a stranger.
    You should find a way to chat and get to know her first


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  • Your first problem is you're asking for advice on how to ask her out. The fact that you make it so important that you need to ask for advice means you're going to be nervous and make a big deal about it, which is creepy. What you need to do is relax, and just treat it like any other question, it's no big deal. If she likes you, she'll say yes, if not, who cares.