Hey Girls: Is this Game behavior?

both of us are 47 years old. She says through texting that she does want to get together after the weekend. To keep the conversation going I have been texting her just a LITTLE BIT, not blowing up her phone. So, yesterday it took her 10 hours to reply to a simple text "how's your day going" then she replies something about her kids events 10 hours later. So I immediately reply "how old are your children" No response. I mean she is right there with her phone. Is she playing games with the response time. Or is she just another woman that is disrespectful to men.


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  • I think the convos are simple and so leisure that doesn't feel the need to reply fast, maybe they are a tad boring haha. But also.. is she the type to be connected at the hip with her phone, bc if someone doesn't like to be on it.. chances are they won't change much


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  • I don't think she's interested. If she is playing games then who wants to deal with that, I mean really. If she is truly that busy then she doesn't sound too fun to date anyway. I'd move on.


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  • keep the chat exciting not are u out of work?
    like i just seen a ninja better karate kick em
    it stops boring conversations wth random immature things

    • Dude... what a great idea... i have this list of funny texts... I sent this "Wow.. that's weird. I think I just saw your twin. Are you stalking me" she replied 9 mins later.

    • hahaha yea stupid shite like that works but still give her abit of space... like you could do better works at any age even 16 lol

    • Hahaha I like that stalking twin one thats pretty amusing