Seriously how fast do you have to be to make the first move on a girl?

Now dont get me wrong I hate guys that think girls are their property and all that. But the fact is if you dont make a really fast move on a girl then ur fucked so to speak lol. I thought honestly you were supposed to wait a while and be friends first but apparently not. What do u guys think?


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  • If you like her, approach her and show your interest. Don't be like those guys that see a pretty girl, get infatuated just because of her looks, and then practically want to marry her. Easy does it, and you'll be fine. If you freeze up or say dumb shit around girls, then keep doing it until you learn how to be.

    There's really not a whole lot to it. If you hear someone telling you a bunch of PUA shit, go ahead and ignore it. And when you hear girls telling you what to do, take it with a lot of grains of salt lol. But otherwise, it's not some science or art to perfect.

    • Good advice definitely a candidate for MHO yea no I dont like to get possessive of girls but Im not really good with a girl I mean I can make them laugh like crazy but sometimes when Im having a bad day and they expect me to be as funny as I was last time Im just kinda boring

    • Yeah, it's just one of those things where if you aren't naturally social, charming, or charismatic... you just try different (sensible) things until you find what works for you. Most guys' worst fear is actually going up and talking to a girl initially. So if that's your problem as well, then take comfort in the fact that it seems like a big obstacle but if that's all you have to worry about then you're doing well lol


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  • 2 months tops in asking the girl out!

    • 2 months welp im slow then no wonder I take 5 lol

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    • I get that, I do but maybe the reason you've been shot down so much is because you didn't make a move fast enough.

    • Too true lol

  • 1-2 months or u get friendzoned and girls move on

  • When you feel like it! It has to come across genuinely.


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  • As soon as it crosses your mind to ask, do it. No later. If there's even a hint that she wants you to, do so. The faster and more decisive, the better.

  • I usually tell her in less than a month, easily. But, don't take my advice. I've been friendzoned 6-7 times and have only had a single girlfriend.