Do guys like being messaged heaps?

so do guys like getting messaged heaps about like how we miss them and to like come on and stuff like that? or do they find it annoying? like I don't know yeah


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  • If she is my gf, or i like her no problem I'd love it, it would make me feel safe, that's knowing she's still like me, if its does get annoying, I'd tell her anyway then, so dw, or just ask him if he thinks its to much.


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  • I know a man who wants to check in with his wife, have her check in with him, and keep in constant contact as much as possible. I know another guy who can't stand using the phone and if he gets more than one call or message in a day he acts like he's being harassed. It all depends on the person.

  • It depends on the guy. I'm the sort of guy that likes to know someone is thinking about me, but getting messaged masses makes someone feel that a girl is overclingy or too desperate.

  • I like to have girl who would message me lot, email me, text me
    I consider myself a nice guy it wouldn't matter to me cause i always
    keep things at the level she wants, i respect her to listen, to lean
    a ear to listen to her, help her on what she wants not all guys are bad
    yes sure there are some in the world.


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