Confess love to a girl?

i want to know the best way to confess your love to a girl and please whithout ltter idea


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  • Confessing your love too soon will scare her off, just tell her that you like her and want to take her out on a date, get to know her and go slow or you'll scare her off. But going up to someone you haven't even gone one date with and confessing your love will scare her off because she doesn't know you.

    • we know each other since 3 years , but I'm afraid to be rejected ( and i have a shilly personnality )

    • The worst that could happen is she will say no
      .. an if so... u would know were u stood so u wernt wasting your time crushing on her wen u cud be movin on to the girl that fancies you!!! would u rather spend the rest of ur life thinkin she cud of said yes if she was given the opportunity.


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  • Write her a poem, or something like that. Do a nice gesture and that will grab her attention. Just be honest and tell her how u feel. You never know she might have feelings for you too

    • but she's a very shy girl and i don't think she can confess her feeling.

    • Trust me, she will. I was in that exact same position once, and I was extremely shy. If she likes you too, she won't hold back

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  • I did that in my younger days, i will never do that again.