Should I text her or write her a letter?

My boss gave me a month off without telling me, so I found a better job and it pays a lot more! but I didn't put in my two weeks noticed. I wasn't planning on going back. I called her and left a voice mail telling her we need to talk. We haven't talked yet. What should I tell her. I am a bit nervous to tell her that I will not becoming back to wok. Also I already missed 4-5 shifts. What should I tell her.

P.s. I am not going back to a low paying job, so don't tell me to go back..


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  • I won't be telling you to go back to your old workplace to actually work there.

    But I am telling you to go back to your old workplace to hand in your written termination of your work contract (if there is something like that... - if not, why even think about it? ;))

    You NEED to formally quit your job. If you were to quit and due to you not attending to work your boss's company would make significant deficits, then you COULD be taken into account for it...

    (at least that's the law here in Germany)


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  • After missing 4-5 shifts, she probably already knows that you don't plan on coming back. Be honest, but focus on the positives. If you make it about you not going back to work there, she might take it personally. If you say that you found something else in your time off and think it's best for you to focus on that, you make it about you, not the job.

  • i work in retail, and whenever a situation like this happens, it usually means the managers already got the hint you quit already...i doubt they care if you wanna go back or not, especially with you missing 6-7 shifts, where I work they fire you instantly so I don't thnk they care at all if you come back or just give them a call and be like hey I have other obligations I need to take care of, I would like to resign from the sure your boss will just be like okay np