Why did my girlfriend tell me that we should go somewhere where I'd need to wear a shirt (not t-shirt) and say if I wore a shirt she'd wear a dress?

Why is she trying to get me to wear a shirt? Why is she trying to entice me with her wearing a dress?

... to make this clear i'm not usually unkempt i take care of my appearance... i'm not sure what she's after?

I did counter ask her about this at the time and she dais that I didn't need to wear a suit or even a tie but just a shirt. She said earlier that night that she's sure i have lots of nice shirts...


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  • Maybe she just wants to dress up and go out somewhere nice. It's a fun thing to do occasionaly.

    • for real? i just thought she wasn't really for that sort of thing, she's into a lot of guy activities..

    • Even non girly girls like to feel feminine and girly with their man every now and then.


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  • She just wants to be romanced in a slightly different way. The dressing up thing is about looking good together as a couple (I am sure you already do in a t-shirt). It's not a big deal, it's just "let's do something different for a change" kinda thing.

  • She wants you to take her out, somewhere nice. Not fancy nice, but nice.

    • ermm what's the difference between fancy nice and nice? I already picked out a reasonably expensive and definitely high end (for the average consumer) restaurant

    • Fancy nice is when you show up and everyone's wearing gowns and suits. Nice is when a nice clean button up and cocktail dress will suffice.

  • She's saying you need to go on nicer dates. I think you missed the point completely.

  • She just wants to do something different, change it up a little. She's not saying you don't look great when you're not in a shirt, all she's saying is lets go somewhere nice. It can be fun to have to dress up for a date every now and again.


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