Girlfriend moving in with me and my parents?

We can't see each other because of her parents they hate me. We sneak around every once in a while. She's crazy about me we. miss each other a lot. We would be moving out by the end of next year once I graduate college. Already made these plans. We're both crazy about each other and miss each other a lot. This is the only way we could see each other. I'm sick of waiting. Bad idea? Do you think she would say yes?


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  • Since you guys are crazy about each other she might say yes, but it may be a bad idea. If her parents don't like you and she moves in with you, her parents might think she chose you over them causing friction between your girlfriend and her parents, and ultimately putting stress on your relationship.
    You also have to think about your parents. Are they okay with your girlfriend? If so would they be okay with her in the house for so long (even through the occasional arguments that you may or may not have)?
    Just giving you some food for thought -Smith1sim


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  • If she really care for you like she say she does she will.

  • I just think that sounds like a bad idea


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  • do what feels good
    and do what is best
    thats the best thing you can do