How long should one wait for a Guy's response?

The guy that I am potentially going to date has asked me three days ago when I have available time to see him. I asked him if Tuesday or Wednesday was fine with him cause I had a family trip with my sister and my nieces over te weekend. He hasn't answered yet. Should I worry?

How long is too much to wait. It took me 2 days to answer him because the first day, I was so busy i didn't even have time to look at my email.


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  • I wouldn't worry. Maybe send a follow up message or text or even call him. Sounds like you are both just busy,

    • Thank you for voting me as most helpful opinion :) I hope I helped and that things are going well with this guy!


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  • You don't have to worry. You don't have to give him a priority in your life either. If he doesn't put the same effort you put in, he's not worth it.

  • Does not sound interested. But, maybe something came up? If I was interested in you I'd let you know within 10 minutes of your call or email. I don't have time to BS around and I don't like keeping people on hold. Try again for one more chance or find someone that IS interested.

    If he does come through and continues as wishy-washy, then keep him a friends with benefits if you like. But dump him at your earliest convenience.

  • I had that happen to me once, i really hated it. One time a girl came and sat beside me in class and when the class ended she asked to study together with me and gave me her email asking me to email her. I did, and she emailed back asking where and what time. After i emailed her she never replied to me again. I couldn't see her in class again cause when she asked me to study it was the last class of the semester.

    I kept thinking about it and waiting for her reply and always wondering what might have happened to her. Until this day, i wonder what might be the reason that made her stop replying to me all of a sudden. She complicated my life for nothing.

    But now that you posted this question and reminded me of the topic again, i think it's more clear. They are not interested enough. If the guy stopped replying it just means he's not interested enough or he was already very hesitated and in the end decided to change his mind.

    Thank you haha, one less complication to worry about !


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