Is she asking me this for the reason I think?

So there's a girl that I've been best friends with for 4 years, and 2 years ago I told her that I like her. But as it turns out she was dating a guy that is in high school but we are still really good friends. And she is still dating him. But they fight once in a while and he is a nice guy, a few weeks ago she asked me if I still like her and I said yes. I asked her what brought this up and she wouldn't tell me. But she did ask how much I liked her and (her being my best friend for years now) I said I'd do anything for her and that was the end of the conversation.

Did she ask for the reason that I think she did or am I being a little too hopeful?


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  • Well, if things are going not so great with her bf, maybe she's starting to see u in a whole new light. Maybe she's starting to realize that you might be the one for her. I don't know. Try and notice how she's acting towards you these days, if she's getting closer to u then yeah she probably likes you.

    • Well she and I have been best friends for years, I mean we'd trust Eachother with our lives at this point. Some people say she flirts with me but she's always like that, (leaning on me, kicking me for fun, hugging, using me as a leg rest when we sit next to Eachother).

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    • It's no problem at all


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  • She likes you but not enough for you to be considered bf material. She should consider herself lucky lol how long has she been with her bf?

    Random question: when is your birthday? (You dont have to say the year)

    • She has been with her bf for maybe 3 years. And she knows I care about her more than any of my other friends. And my birthday is June 15

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    • Well it just keeps coming up. And why did you ask for my birthday?

    • I was dared to ask by a G@G friend of mine... sorry :(

  • Absolutely not. She needs someone she can trust and that she knows won't hurt her and then she realized that u were there but she wants to mmkae sure ur interested.

    • Why does it matter if I'm interested or not? She already knew I'd always be there for her. I have been for the past 4 years.

    • Girls are just very insecure and no matter if she knows it she is still gonna doubt it. I don't know why

    • She shouldn't doubt me, if I've stuck around this long and have multiple scars from her stabbing me, I'm not going anywhere.

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  • Ugh. yeah. That's a tough situation there buddy. As long as she's seeing young dude though I don't think you've got a shot. If they break up (and they most likely will given time) you're free to move in. Thing is, for the time being I'd suggest trying to find someone else. Taken is taken, Now, if that conversation happens again I'd try to explore it a little. Coyly ask "Why do you want to know?" Just telling her you like her and you'd do anything for her is kind of boring and very platonic. You need to work on teasing her a little and having fun with her even when these tense moments arise. Don't give her direct answers to those questions. Be difficult but at the same time be fun.

    • Yea but I'm known for being hard to effect both physically and emotionally. She's always kicking or stabbing me for fun and I don't usually show me being happy much, and she knows just how far I go for the people I like.

    • I'd still try to engage her more. If she kicks you she's basically asking you to play. If you don't play then it's no fun for her. I think she's trying to engage you when she does that.

    • I play a bit, I just don't know happiness much. I don't really smile, I just look pissed off even when I'm not. And she knows I'm rarely ever actually pissed off.