Does he actually want me to contact him?

I met a guy in a bar last night and after several drinks we went back to his place. Obviously we hooked up, but we also spent a few hours afterwards just chatting. I figured this was a pretty straightforward one night stand.

But when I was about to leave this morning, he kept asking when he could see me again and if I liked him and he tried to convince me to stay longer so we could chat more (which I did). He also gave me his number (despite having mine) and told me to text him later today.

I haven't text him yet. I'm not really certain whether he actually wants me to get in touch or if he was just saying it to be polite? I'm used to straightforward one night stands! Should I text him?


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  • If you are interested in him, text him. Or maybe you just want a life of one night stands.


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