Help me not to do it?

I am a girl, and have started to date a wonderful man. date number 2 was today, and when we ended up kissing, i got very aroused. how can i calm myself down while im with him? I don't want to rush this. also, i recently lost my virginity, but absolutely regret it. Do i tell him i did or do i tell him im a virgin waiting for marriage and that i have a dildo? (ps, i do own one). i believe he is, and i don't want to chase him off. I have decided to not to have sex until im married.

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any ways to calm myself?


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  • your sexual past is nobody's business. I'm not saying to lie to him, I believe you should just tell him that you're not comfortable talking about that topic, and that whatever you have and have not done in the past should not matter because you are with him now. If he respects you he will not be bothered by that answer. Furthermore, if he never asks you then you never have to discuss that topic. As for your excitement issues, you're just going have to exercise self control. The feeling of sexual excitement is very natural and can be very hard to suppress, so it is up to you whether you decide to exercise restraint or give in to temptation.


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  • Haha yes go ahead and tell him you have a dildo

  • Well, you obviously have to tell him that you don't want to have sex anymore until you are married. That is going to be a pretty big deal breaker for a lot of guys so you have to find out if that's a path he wants to walk down.


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  • Honestly tell him, dont let the poor guy wait and not know what his in for.. The guy would (should) be more greatful that you gave him a heads up.. If he stops getting in contact with you.. You know he was only just in it for sex..