How often do text girlfriend "I love you"?

I realized that I don't send enough "love you" messages... don't really say either. She's shy so she doesn't say much either... but shows with actions. What do you usually text your girlfriend?


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  • Wow... u sound like my ex !!! 5 years and a child later he lost everything thro lack of appreciation!! U dont nessicerly have to write anything... its shows more effort and thought if u pick lots of colourful flowers an use the leafs to spell out "i love you _____" or if ur at work use supplies there, take a pic and ul be garunteed a happy gal... also try to make it the 1st thing u say in mornin an last thing at night... if there's no change then its likely ur not in love, its the little things like that what come naturally wen u fall for a lady.

    • hmm thanks for the input. I'll be more proactive with my relationship.


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  • I think the most important is to show it with actions, it means more than words. However its important to say "I love you", but don't say it too often cause then its not that special, if you know what i mean.


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