Ex bf dumped me last night. I didn't reply to his final message. Did I do the right thing?

My ex bf brought up the issue, that he needed time to think about us 4-5 weeks ago. At the time, he was unusure, so he ended up changing his mind several times.

Yesterday, he then finally dumped me. I accepted it and told him that I wish things would work out for him and kept the message pretty short.

He then went on to say 'thanks... i know that you mean it. i wish the best for you too. i don't want you to be sad though, if our paths are meant to meet again they will...'

I didn't respond to his final message, because I didn't really know what to write, nor how to respond to the 'paths are meant to meet again' bit. So I just left it.

Do you think I did the right thing in not responding to his final message or does it make me look weak? I have no intention of texting him ever again and will steer clear of him from now on.


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  • You made the right decision. Its over and that final text he sent just is wrong. It made it seem like your relationship will somehow reoccur. Chances are it won't. But hey that maybe a good thing. Best of luck in your new relationships

    • Thank you for your input :) appreciate it


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  • Just let it be. Dont respond to it. Give it sometime apart, maybe go on some other dates. If you still feel for him after 2-3 months or after your next boyfriend, then let him know that. you gotta be honest with yourself and share your feelings with him. Otherwise, you'll always think "what if..." which is a terrible feeling to have. He could have been an asshole about it, just look at it from that perspective. I think he was pretty nice about it.

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  • It's totally fine not to answer his text

  • I don't know why he would say that, that's such a screwy thing to say "paths could meet again," like he's trying to keep you on the line for when he feels like it. I think you were beyond right to not respond to that. there really is nothing to say.

    • Thanks. Yeah, I kind of got the same vibe too when I read it. I decided not to respond because of that..