Dating a guy who is 5 years younger?

I'm 28 and I usually date much older men. The last man I dated was 40. The others all around 35. So recently I met a guy out and liked him right away. After talking to him a few minutes I asked his age because I could tell he was young. He isn't immature but I could tell he was younger than me. Turns out he just turned 23.

I've never dated someone younger... and especially not this young. Anyone have experience? Pro's and con's... idk.. I need more viewpoints. I don't want to be narrow minded.


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  • I have dated older women and it didn't work out well. Older women have too many insecurities about dating a younger guy. Any typical guy action he does that women don't understand will be seen as him being immature, even if it has nothing to do with maturity. If you can avoid these insecurities, there shouldn't be any problems.

    • Thank you for your response! :-) Do you think this is because the women you were dating were much older though? . I don't mean that they were "old" just oder than me.. considering you are between 30-35. I'd assume you were dating 35-40 year old women.. Maybe the experience would be different for a 23 year old guy and a 28 year old woman?

    • I have talked to other guys that have had similar experiences as mine. Typically the only issues are the woman's insecurities about the age difference. These problems are common. If you think you can overcome this there should be no issues with dating a younger man. That is as long as you are at the same point in your lives.

    • I see what you're saying... thank you so much!

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  • He's fine if you are looking for a romantic and fun relationship but if you are looking to settle down you might be looking for different things. Keep pursuing but just be aware that his intentions might not be the same as yours. plus you both are young so i dont see the problem. my mom dated a guy that was 10 years younger than her for about 7 years. Things didn't work out but they were happy for 99% of the time.

  • it's ok why you make it such a big fuss?

  • I can't fathom the possibility of me dating a woman older than me. I am too immature


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