Is this what you would consider a good guy?

Well, there is this dude that I have a lot of feelings for, and I'm pretty sure he likes me too.

He's almost exactly two years older then me (two years and two days) He's 18, and lives alone, he has a job, it's in demolition. He does have some slight history, like he was put in jail for a day or something for assault, but that's it (some fight, other guy started it)

However, he's very nice to me, very sweet in a sword way, like if I'm upset, he'll listen to me, and if it's another guy who upsets me, He offers to knock the other guy on his ass, and I believe him because he's gotten in more fights then that one charge (though I always manage to talk him out of fighting)

He's good with mechanical stuff, and really super tall.

He's very respectful to me, and always asks before doing anything that even MIGHT make me uncomfortable. He's very chivalrous, opens doors and so forth.

But we also these each other A LOT about sex, but never do anything, and we aren't dating.

He also seems to have a lot of guns, and does go hunting.

So yah, does this sound like a good guy?


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  • He sounds like a charmer. I think you pursue a meaningful relationship with him , but no sex until you're not a minor because that's technically illegal for someone of your age to have relationships with an 18 year old dude depending on where you live and stuff. He sounds great and totally respectable. Anymore questions.

    • No more questions... for NOW anyway, thank you :)


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  • He sounds like a man's man... masculine, but with a sensitive side when he needs it. The dream country boy who doesn't mess around and play games, is honest, kind, and generous.

    • And that's all very good right?

    • Uh, yeah. He takes care of himself and will take care of his woman too, if he fits the archetype as wel as you describe.

    • Sounds about right of him,, yes

  • This guy is a MAN. he is willing to protect you and support you, he can do things for himself! but can also do things for others! He isn't a good guy he is great guy!

  • I don't know? Does he? This isn't some choice some guy on the internet can make.

  • Yes lol just stick with it and dont have sex unless you feel like you want to or it should really happen

    • Oh no problem there, I want to wait till after marriage, I told him that too, he's very respectful of it :)

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    • Oh whoops lol, what are you stumped about?

    • Lol on the sweet thing

  • Eh, the guns and hunting varies on your interests.

    • Eh, I have gun for protection, but I don't particularly care he has so many, and I don't t really care that he hunts either, in my area it's the norm for guys... but... I refuse to eat most of what he hunts, simply because I think there are some animals that just shouldn't be eaten... like deer... they are just so cute!

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    • When my sister heard it she nearly threw up.

    • ... I would have too o. on

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  • He seems alright I guess. I wouldn't say he's a "good guy".

    Is he your type? That's all that matters honestly

    • Yup, I like how manly he is

    • then go for him! who cares what other people think about him?

    • Well I just wanna be careful, because If I'm being honest here, I already look at him as someone to marry, but, I don't wanna end up stuck in some horrible place, so it's kinda like double checking