White people do you enjoy being put on a pedestal by other races when it comes to dating?

Not trying to offend anyone just asking a question.

If you enjoy it, what do you enjoy about it the most? do you enjoy being their first choice? Do you enjoy being the preference of other races? Do you enjoy that they would rather drink antifreeze and back flip off a skyscraper before they would even consider dating their race or another race that's not white?


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  • OP, this is much more true on the internet, less true IRL. There was even a Columbia University study that found black guys to be almost as desired as white guys in a speed dating experiment (IE: NOT online dating)

    The reason for this is that girls get so many messages on the internet, from so many guys, that even minute differences in preferences get turned into huge ones.

    The typical man prefers white women over other women. But most men don't write someone off just because they're not white.

    However, imagine if that man were dating online, and had hundreds of girls messaging him every day. He'd be able to pick and choose easily.

    In addition, there is a social status factor that probably makes women more likely to date white than men.

    Internet dating overprices girls and places them off the market for normal men. I would suggest that if you're a prosocial man who wants dating to be easier for yourself, as well as men everywhere, you STOP online dating. It is the romantic equivalent of littering. If you don't do it yourself, your own immediate life will be better, if everyone stops doing it, the world as a whole improves.

    Join some clubs/groups/hobbies and meet women. Get the fuck off the internet.

    • Yes its rampant online and its trying to become rampant in RL.

    • If you want, spread awareness of the lack of minority men in positive protagonist roles in the media.


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  • This is not true there is a big differences between dating someone because you are attracted to them or that is your preference and having a fetish for a particular race or ethnicity. Interracial dating is not new and its ot about putting one above your own only close-minded people try to find something negative about it and I have not seen it made a big deal until I joined this site. Other sites embrace it and don't try to pick it apart and figure out why or bash others. It's just something that I think people pay too much attention to.

  • I didn't even know it was a thing until being on this site. My entire dating/adult life I've lived in a very diverse place and I really don't think a lot of the dudes give a shit about race.

    • What examples have you seen on this site?

    • Just all the race questions in general I didn't think that in 2014 people still agonized about this shit

  • I think the ones with low self esteem love it. fat white hoes feel like queens around "certain men" but then shit bricks when a bad black girl comes around

    • But those "certain men" are trash too so that's why they get those fat white chicks. Trash attracts trash People that look good are usually with other good looking people.

    • Bad black girls are awesome! :)

  • White people are being put on pedestals when it comes to dating? LOL That's news to me.

  • I only see it on GAG and I don't care

  • I only notice this on the internet

  • Nawww put them on pedestal? WLL.
    Attracted to them is fine but dont have to stroke their ego. I never feel it is a big issue till i joined gag... really... here is eye opener for me

  • No, it makes mequite sick when people tell me that. Or when they think it's a compliment but it's just not.

    • Why so?

    • It's like I'm a p*rn category instead of a female.

    • Yeah I don't seek out to date anyone because of their race. If they just happen to be a different race, the so be it

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