Relationship thoughts?

My ex of 5 years and I broke up about 2 months ago. I believe that I should be single for a while because I should get to know my self and get used to being on my own and alone. I dont want to fill the gap my ex gf left with another woman because that would make me desperate and it will be bad in the long run.

Is this a good theory? Or should I just find some one else to be with so I can get over my ex faster? Is having sex with someone else going to help me?

  • yes, you are doing the right thing!
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  • no, you're wrong. find someone ASAP
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  • just have sex with multiple women that will make it better.
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  • I think u do need to give yourself time to heal before u jump in with someone else. Self reflection is always valuable and it can give u clarity on where you've been, where u are and where u r going

    • Thank you for the advice! That helps a lot!

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