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Hey guys and girls. A while ago I broke up with my ex girlfriend. Now she's in a different state and u found it the state has a ebola outbreak. I can't stop thinking about it and apart of me wants to text her to be careful but I know a lot if ex's don't really text each other after they break up but I can't get it out my mind to tell her to be careful. Would it be bad if u did tell her to?


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  • Dear jesus you Americans love to scare the shit out of each other don't you. What terror colour rating are you on today?

    • Well if you got something negative to say about what I've posted why the fuck did you respond?

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    • If I wanted to text her I would've a long time ago. Your right I am a caring person, that's why when I heard that ebola popped in her area I wanted to check and just say be careful. This is not hope to get back to this person. I'm sure if you've got some type of heart and your last ex you knew fir seven years moved to somewhere else and ebola popped up there you might wanna do the same. Just say freaking be careful.

    • No, I wouldn't bother because would they really be extra careful just because they'd received a text from me? No. All it does is serve to make you feel better because you appear to be so concerned. They're a grown adult, you think they'd be running around touching ebola victims until you messaged them saying 'be careful now!' 'Oh hell yeah, I'd best stop rubbing these infected corpses in my eyes now that you've mentioned it, because I was just gonna carry on as I was'.

      How do you actually think she will interpret and act on your message? In what way will she increase her safety after reading that?


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  • Talk to her. Just tell her your concerned and just want to make sure she is ok as a friend.

  • i would text her! but don't get upset about the reply you could be getting but its nice to be conserend about it, ebola is a very serous thing. belief me i live in africa

  • Just message her and ask if she's okay, and also explain that you're worried for her well-being. Im sure she will appreviate your concern and see it as a friendly act :)


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