I've been divorce for about 4 years, when should I start dating again?

I feel heart broken and must still be in love since she was my best friend. I'm over weight as well. My self esteem sucks and it's been 15 years since I've dated.

How should I start to date? I'm pretty clueless.


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  • Start walking for exercise, put down the snacks and get on an online dating site. Two friends of mine did in the past 18 months and are having a great time. One just got married after a year with someone he met online. The other one is dating a woman that looks like a model, also met her online.


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  • try to eat healthy and go to the gym

    Since you are asking. the answer is now

  • bro a heart brake can destroy a guy but now is the perfect time to start thinking of self improving.. stop feeling sad and down and you search for what makes you happy in life and do it!! its NEVER too late man, you can turn your life around and become healthy its all mind power man you can do it and its really never too late
    https://www. youtube. com/ watch? v=l sSC2vx7zFQ