First kiss? help meeee?

So im 17 and I never kissed a guy.. so I'm dating someone.. I'd call it long distance dating. but I met him this summer and he lives in another country. But he's coming to visit me around January.. And we were texting about kissing. and he told me that it could be that there was no chemistry, because he had this before with a girl, like a year ago. So I'm we're going to kiss because for him that chemistry means a lot. But I have never kissed a guy... should I tell him? Well I kissed a guy once but it took like 1 sec without tong. so never a real real kiss. Now Im so nervous... what if I'm a bad kisser.. will there be no chemistry then or what?

i meant tongue


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  • Don't tell him, there's no need for that. Just follow his lead, and your guts. Do whatever you feel like doing. I'm just gonna give you one tip: Remember you're kissing a person, not eating a burger, so there's no need to open your mouth as wide as you can. It is disgusting to finish kissing and have your nose full of saliva (yes, I talk from experience xD).

    The most important is that you enjoy it, if you go thinking that way, it's gonna be great.


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  • You don't need to tell him, kissing isn't hard. Don't use too much tongue, you start with your mouth closed and then slowly open it a little and lock lips with the other person and then use your tongue gently and slowly... just watch some YouTube videos if you have to learn, you can practise with your hand or something lol.

  • I would be happy to be the first guy who my gf kissed ;) but i don't know what he would think.


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