Is she interested in me or am I just background noise to her?

Okay so I'm 18 and this girl is 17. We both met through Facebook and she lives about 15 minutes from my house. We have been texting for about five months now but we have only met up about four times, crazy right? She always claims that she's really busy which I can understand to a certain extent seeing as she has school and it's her final year and all but she recently had a week off of school and said she didn't have anything planned except catching up on sleep, when I asked her if she wanted to meet up she suddenly tells me she's going to be busy all week. I try to compliment her and flirt with her but she kind of diverts my compliments and never acknowledges them unless it's a good one, in that case she will usually just reply with 'Hahaha smooth! :D'. She told me she would prefer to be friends for now because she's really busy but when things aren't so busy, she'd consider a relationship with me. To me it feels like I'm just in the background and it feels like she could take or leave me. There are times where she will say I'm a great person and I'm really sweet but those occasions can be rare, when we did meet up she acted completely different, she was nice, sweet and she seemed to be very interested in me, smiling all the time ect. Am I completely wasting my time on this girl? I just need an outside pinion here because I seem to be second guessing myself a lot on whether or not I should just cut contact with her. Thanks for replying in advance. :)

I should also mention that she told me she would prefer it if her parents or sister didn't know about me just yet because 'We aren't serious yet.'. So whenever we met up I had to wait somewhere else so he parents couldn't see me.


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  • It seems like there's a lot going on here. First, you live 15 mins away and she doesn't have time? You guys could hang out at her house or do stuff together. I think she's exaggerating there. Also are her parents aware of you at all? You sound like a secret love interest to me. If you have any specific questions for me i'd be happy to answer them. There's so much I'd like to say, but unfortunately don't have the time to right now. Im the same age as her and have had an interest in a guy 18 w/ a similar situation so n i might be able to help. Comment below :)


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  • lol at background noise. seems like she told you already, she's busy. she seems like she likes you but probably will not have enough time to spend with you if you guys were in a relationship so she doesn't want to start one. sounds like a smart girl. the decision is your man. me personally, i'd friend-zone her and find someone else. thats a win-win decision.